A Vasectomy Procedure
How they perform a vasectomy

The video below gives an overall visual of the vasectomy procedure.

Having a Vasectomy

It takes between 15 and 30 minutes to perform a vasectomy procedure.

The vas is located and a local anesthetic injection is given to numb the area. A small opening is made in front of the scrotum.

A instrument is inserted to bring the vas through the opening a 1-2 cm segment is removed and the ends are cauterized and tied (the conventional approach).

A single absorbing suture is usually required.

how a vasectomy is performed


Prepare for your vasectomy procedure by following instructions below:-

Do not take aspirin, medicines containing aspirin or anti- inflammatory medication for at least 10 days prior to surgery.

Avoid alcohol.

Shaving is important – all hair of the genital area, including above the penis and the front and sides of the scrotum, should be shaved the night before using a scissors followed by a razor.

Shower the evening before and again on the day of the vasectomy procedure.

Wear firm fitting underwear for a week or two after your procedure.


When you leave, go straight home and relax. If required, take it easy for 48 hours.

Do not lift heavy objects or do any strenuous exercise for 7-10 days.

Ice may be applied to reduce swelling.

The gauze dressing can be removed at the next shower.

Short showers may be taken.

Keep the wound clean and dry by applying Betadine anti septic solution to the wound after showering.

Sex can be resumed whenever you feel comfortable but it is recommended that you wait a few days.

After the vasectomy procedure pain control is important. The local anesthetic will wear off after about 6-10 hours. General pain tablets can be used. Occasionally stronger medication may be required.


It is advisable to contact me if you have any of the following signs:-

  • Inflammation and redness of the wound.
  • Continuous bleeding.
  • Excessive bleeding, tenderness or pain.
  • Feeling unwell or feverish.
  • A growing lump.
  • Any other concerns.


After the vasectomy procedure some sperm will remain in the vas deferens above the operation site for weeks and sometimes months after the operation.

These sperm gradually clear after ejaculation Alternative methods of contraception must be used for a few months until you're informed that your semen is free of sperm.

Thus more than 1 sperm count may be required. It is important to remember that even though you have been given clearance there is a very small chance of late failure.

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