Thinking of a Birth Control Alternative? Why Not a Vasectomy in Sydney

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Vasectomy For Birth Control

At one point in a couple’s life, there will come a time that having children is not practical, and permanent birth control becomes an important topic. For years, women had gone through pills, invasive, and even painful procedures in order to prevent themselves from getting pregnant. However, with help from technology and advancements in medicine, vasectomy was developed as a birth control option that is done to men.

A vasectomy in Sydney is a procedure done as a way of birth control, wherein the vas deferens of a man is cut to close off the tubes that bring sperm from the testicles. Once a man has a vasectomy, he is no longer capable of getting a woman pregnant. Married couples who do not desire to have children anymore will have no worries as the procedure has a success rate of 99%.

A news article in reported that about 200 physicians from 25 countries performed a thousand vasectomies in 24 hours to bring awareness about World Vasectomy Day, which happened October 18 of this year. A statement in the article said:

“We’re not really selling vasectomy; we’re selling individual responsibility… Responsibility to your partner, to share in the risks associated with having a healthy sex life but not getting pregnant. In other words, to eliminate from her the female contraceptives.”

Due to cultural beliefs about male virility and for the fear that it will cause impotence, some have rejected the idea of a vasectomy. However, contrary to this belief, a vasectomy procedure will not cause a man to be impotent, but instead will leave the testicles intact and still able to produce male hormones.

Usually, this procedure is done in a vasectomy clinic in Sydney like Dr. Harold Judelman’s practice, and can be performed in either of two ways. The first method is the conventional method wherein the doctor will make a cut in the scrotum to get to the vas deferens, then a part of the vas deferens is cut and removed.

The second method does not require a scalpel. It is done by making a small hole on one side of the scrotum. The vas deferens is then accessed and pulled through the hole, and will then be cut and removed. In this procedure, no stitches are required because of how small the holes are.

Having a vasectomy is a more cost effective and simpler way of birth control

Compared to female sterilization or contraception, and it also allows men to be more responsible when it comes to family planning.

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