The Cost Of a Vasectomy

cost of a vasectomy

Is a vasectomy covered by medicare?

The cost of the initial consultation, procedure (& nerve block) with full aftercare service is $650 (Medicare rebate $264)

Total "out of pocket" expense $386 (maybe more depending on the Medicare Safety Net).

Penthrax Inhalation sedation is an extra $50.


A vasectomy is a once-in-a-lifetime procedure.

Get the best possible experience by choosing Sydney Vasectomy Services.

Once we receive your information we will call you to confirm a convenient time.

The initial consultation and procedure to be done on the same day for local anaesthetic only.

For those who elect to have Inhalation sedation there will be an initial consultation to explain the procedure which will then be scheduled for a future date.

This can be done in the mornings and afternoons at Edgecliff Medical Centre in Edgecliff, or at Austin Clinic in Balgowlah on alternate Tuesdays.

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