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Safe and Reliable Vasectomy Services in Sydney

For couples who want to continue having intimacy in their relationships but don't want the risk of unwanted pregnancies in the future, a vasectomy continues to be the most effective method of contraception. In most cases, it proves to be more than 99% percent effective, with the lowest chance of conception compared to other pregnancy prevention methods.

While vasectomy proves to be the most successful contraceptive method, it is also a minimally invasive procedure. This is why many couples have to decide which of them should undergo sterilisation. One method of permanent female sterilisation is tubal ligation which is also more than 99% effective, but is a major invasive operation. Vasectomy, on the other hand, is a quick surgery which can be performed as an outpatient procedure and brings only a few minor risks to the patient. Aside from choosing the best form of permanent contraception, couples will also have to choose which doctor should perform the procedure.

Dr. Harold Judelman: Procedural (Vasectomy) General Practitioner

For men who are looking to undergo a vasectomy in Sydney, it is paramount that they work with a doctor who has an extensive background in medicine and an ample amount of training and experience in  performing the procedure. The doctor should also be able to show a great amount of care for his patients and ensure that a pain-free, yet fully effective vasectomy procedure will be performed.

Dr. Judelman ran a vasectomy clinic and his own private general practice for many years in Perth during which time he performed more than 3000  vasectomies.

He is therefore very skilled in the procedure and techniques of vasectomies, and his experience continues to prove to be very reliable in minimising the discomfort experienced during and after the procedure.

A vasectomy is usually carried out under local anaesthetic so that the recovery rate is quick with minimal disruption to normal work and private life. There is on option for the initial consultation and procedure to be carried out on the same-day, so that patients need only to visit the facility on one occasion. The initial consultation procedure and full aftercare service is partially funded by Medicare resulting in a reasonable out of pocket amount.

Both conventional and open ended techniques are available (see diagram under procedure) and will be discussed at the consultation. The doctor also provides all his patients tips and information on what to do during recovery to help speed up the healing process. Although men can go back to work in a day or two after the procedure, it is recommended that they avoid strenuous activities for at least one or two weeks.

For women looking for effective contraception, there is provision for alternative options such as insertion and removal of Implanon and Mirena IUCDs, and/or intra-uterine contraceptive devices, which are performed with minimum risk.

Please note: NON SCALPEL TECHNIQUE is also available.

No referral is necessary

For your convenience vasectomy services are provided at 2 convenient locations in Sydney (Edgecliff and Balgowlah - see locations page for details).